Rofori - Operational Cybersecurity Risk Measurement Solution

Rofori Cyber Security Rofori is a system that enables a company to establish a cybersecurity program or wraps around an organization's existing cybersecurity program (including tool suites such as continuous monitoring, SIEM, forensics tools, etc.), to provide continuous assessment of cybersecurity risk. Through analysis of an organization's critical assets, threat environment, data architecture, and the ability of the organization to perform its protection strategy, Rofori continuously updates the organization's cybersecurity risk posture, called the "CIBR Score®" (Cybersecurity Index of Base Risk). Rofori's CIBR Score®, analogous to an individual's FICO credit risk score, is a global measurement of organizational cybersecurity risk.

Rofori operationalizes the Cybersecurity Framework published by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST CSF), enabling cybersecurity process control. The NIST CSF lays out a broad approach for organizations of all sizes and types to adopt a risk management approach to cybersecurity protection for their organization. The NIST CSF focuses on risk management – the extent to which cybersecurity risk management is driven by business needs and is integrated into an organization's overall risk management practice. One of the strengths of the NIST CSF is that it has established a common language and structure enabling the discussion of cybersecurity best practices among various industries, organizations, and groups. For those reasons and more, there has been broad industry adoption of the NIST CSF.

The Rofori Cybersecurity Risk Measurement System is the only solution that offers a centralized Cybersecurity Framework enabling industry and its supply chains to have continuous cybersecurity posture awareness and measurement of cybersecurity operational effectiveness.

Rofori for Cybersecurity is:

NOT a Continuous Monitoring Tool
NOT a SIEM tool
NOT a Forensics Tool

Rofori is a Cybersecurity Risk Measurement System based on cybersecurity indicators, actions and responses within your organization.

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